Irish Blessing Soap 3PK PRESALE

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Irish Blessing Soap 3PK PRESALE

* Pre-Sale Extended! * See new Ship out date below.

You're in luck, it's a presale!  This soap is in the final stages of production, but we wanted to offer you a presale opportunity with a discounted price.  Product will ship out on 4/20-4/23.  

Irish Blessing is the lucky charm you need in your shower.  Our all-natural oils deliver a great balance of moisturization with an amazing scent profile of Cedar, lavender, bergamot, lemon, and grapefruit essential oils.  There is a slight grist from French green clay, and golden mica sparkle.  This is the lucky magic your shower has been waiting to be blessed with! 

May your showers be hot, with your troubles no more.  This good luck charm will ship right to your door.  You might just get lucky, cause your smelling so nice.  Here's a 3 pack of great soap at a reasonable price!