The Story Begins

David Campbell

My name is Dave Campbell.  I am the Collective Energy Optimizer for Golden Heart Soap Co.  This project has been created as a result of a manifestation of a dream.  My goal is to enable this company to grow beyond simply a function of commerce, but rather extend itself into a collaborative movement, with our customers functioning as the key moving parts within the organism.  The features of this movement are basically the core values of the organization which include: quality artisanal production, sustainability, consumer safety, and community engagement.  The vision is to create great products that promote healthy lifestyle choices, and provide maximum benefit to our local community and beyond.

The idea to start a soap company is partially the result of my own frustration with a lot of soap and cosmetics products available through mainstream production, and distribution channels.  Many of these products contain harmful synthetic toxins, and petroleum based byproducts.  I personally suffer from sensitive skin type ailments and was actively searching for a product that was more mild to my skin type.  Eventually this led to experimentation in creating my own soap from natural and organic ingredients, which I found to be a significantly better option.  For about a year, I experimented with countless batches (I lost track of count) and began sharing my creations with friends and family. The response was really positive and the notion began fermenting in my mind that I should make a greater effort to share the benefits of natural soaps with as many people as possible.  I've developed a strong appreciation toward artisan craftsmanship through professional brewing ventures while working in Chicago as a professional brewer. Some of my other past professional work experience was in the non-profit sector, and I saw first hand how dependent these great organizations in the community depended on local grassroots based funding projects.  In college, I became really interested in studying sustainability models of production.  I think we all have a responsibility to grab hold of sustainable ideas and methods, while considering our collective environmental impact on this giant ball spinning around the sun.   So all of these ideas and experiences melted into a dream that is still growing and developing.

The customers are the real vehicle driving this dream forward.  Every time a purchase is processed, our company is given more momentum to grow.  This means our partners providing ingredient materials grow along with us, advancing localized impact and sustainable commitments.  With our community engagement contributions, (10% profits) our customers also help us provide growth and support for local non-profit groups that rely on community engagement driven fundraising methods.  I look forward to sharing this adventure with everyone involved in our mission.  Have a golden heart, and become part of the story!

Forever Gratefully Yours,

Dave Campbell

Collective Energy Optimizer

Golden Heart Soap Co.